Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rich's Retirement Party

Matt's Dad, Rich, retired from Pepsi after 41 years!! His official retirement date was February 25, 2008. We all threw him a suprise retirement party, and boy was he suprised. There were people there he worked with when he first started. It was nice to hear all the stories about Rich through the years!

Instead of a guest book, we had everyone sign this Pepsi bottle cap sign. It was a really neat idea.

This was some of the memorabilia that we collected from everyone's houses and even some we bought. It was cool to see how Pepsi has changed over the years. Matt's sister Anna made a timeline of Rich's career at Pepsi and all the changes that happened in the last forty years.

This was Rich after we suprised him.

This is a picture of all the Pepsi co-workers throught the years.

Here are some of the guests.

Kansas City

Matt was in Kansas City for the Western Farm Show the weekend of February 22-24. I was able to go over there and spend time with him. He was in Kentucky the week before, so it was nice to spend time with him and actually see him at work!! Even after a year, it is still weird to see him in khakis at work and not his carpenter whites!

Here is Matt talking to a customer about a piece of equipment.

Here is a picture of my grandpa talking to some customers.

While in Kansas City I was able to meet up with Matt's sister Anna and her family. It turns out the kids are in a bowling league and the bowling alley was right down the road from out hotel. I spent the whole day with them on Saturday!!

Here is a picture of our niece Lauren.

Here she is throwing a ball down the alley. She is 3 1/2 years old and she is a better bowler that Matt and I!! Of course, she has bumpers. :-)

Here is Alex bowling too. He is really good!! He was able to qualify for a tournament because of his high scores!!

Farm Recognition Dinner

The Lincoln County Extention Center had a dinner for my grandma and grandpa in recognition of their farm becoming a Missouri Century Farm. The whole family was able to make it for the dinner, minus my uncle that lives in Seattle.

Here is the "award" they received.

Matt played with Lydia and Ryleigh the whole time. Matt and Ryleigh are big buddies!

Troy Rotary Mardi Gras Party

I asked my Dad to say "cheese" and this is what I got.

My Uncle Andy and Aunt Michelle busting a move on the dance floor.


Sorry I don't have any Christmas pictures to post. My camera broke and I did get a new one for Christmas, just after all the Christmas' we had.

Halloween Night

On Halloween night Matt and I went to Troy and went trick-or-treating with my cousins. Since my grandparents don't live in a subdivision, we had to load the kids in a truck and drive them around.

This was my cousin Karli's first Halloween. Doesn't she make a cute pumpkin?!?!

This is me with my cousin Michael.

This is the truck we loaded the kids into. My dad redid this old truck and it was kind of fun to ride on the back of it.

But it was really cold!!

My Aunt Ginny dressed up as a witch. It doesn't look anything like her!!

Halloween Party

A girl I work with at the bank threw a Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween. We had so much fun!!

This was one of the guys there, John Meier, and he was dancing with a beer bottle. I think he danced with the bottle for 5 minutes!

Here is my boss and his wife cheering John on.

I tried to convince Matt to dress up, but he wouldn't. I dressed up with a friend of mine as the Pink Ladies and we tried to get him to dress as one of the T-Birds. He wouldn't, so we told him he was going as a movie extra.

This is my friend Nikki. I was Rizzo and she was Frenchy.

Mennemeyer Hayride

When I was a little girl my Dad's parents always had a hayride around Halloween. Grandma Grace would make her chili and we would roast hot dogs and marshmallows around the campfire. We started it up again this year so the younger grandchildren would have some memories like us older ones do.

Everyone huddled under a blanket on the hayride.

To Keep the tradition going, one of my uncles hid in the bushes and scared everyone!

Gracie and I keeping warm!!