Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mark Twain Lake

This last Sunday, Rich, Jane, Matt and I made a road trip to Mark Twain Lake to see the flood waters and to see the dam. It was amazing!!!

Water coming out of the dam.

Looking down the Salt River

Here is some video I was able to shoot with my camera. It was a really neat sight.

Looking straight down into the water

Rich was at the lake the previous Tuesday and he said the water was at 640. 5 days later, the level was down 5 feet.
A far view of the dam.

While at the lake, we stopped by to see the water that was standing on the gravel road that my dad's family owns property on. It was unreal the water that was over the road. You couldn't even see the other side of the gravel!!

A look at the standing water

A look at where the water was and where it currently sits.

Since we were pulling a trailer behind the pick-up, we took my Aunt's car to see the water. Grace rode along with us and even drove!! All Matt did was the gas pedal and the brake pedal. She did the rest and kept it on the road. There were only a few times we had to tell her to keep it on the gravel.

Samuel turns 4

On August 1st, our nephew Samuel turned 4. We attended a birthday party for him on the 2nd at his house. We had a lot of fun playing with most of our nieces and nephews.

Why give them toys if all they are going to do is play with the box? When I walked into the room where all the toys are kept, this is what I found. Jack and Samuel pulled all their toys out and were sitting in the box.

Who's the bigger kid in this picture?

Taking a big breath to blow out all his candles.

Jack wanted to blow out a candle too, so Matt lit one for him to blow out.

Nina having fun playing with her Uncle Matt.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Megan's Wedding

On July 27th, my step-sister got married. It was a very hot day, but it was fun.
My very cute niece, Izabella.

Izabella with her mom, my step-sister Megan

Rachel, Ellen, and me

Matt and I

My step-brother, John, performed the ceremony.

My dad and step-mom

My mom said she can't remember the last time we were embrased in a hug like this.