Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Debbie's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

This last Saturday night, my cousins surprised their mom with a brithday party. She is turning 50 on the 25th, so they decided to do a theme party-the 70s. It was really a fun time. All my cousins dressed up, along with my uncle. Even though the party was a surprise party, the real surprise was my uncle and cousin flying in for it. My uncle lives in Seattle and my cousin, Suzanne, is stationed at Camp LeJune. These two really dressed up so they wouldn't be recognized-then they revealed themselves after my aunt got there.

My cousin Nathan and his wife Crystal with their niece Ryleigh.

My aunt's four kids-Steven, Suzanne, Nathan, and Dustin

All the people that dressed up-my cousin Dustin with his wife Brittany and two girls, Ryleigh and Lydia, Suzanne, Crystal and Nathan, Crystal's friend Amy, Steven and my Uncle Robb.

Suzanne and Uncle Robb

After the surprise...they totally pulled it off. She had no idea what was going on.

After my uncle surprised her.

This one was really a tear-jerker. My cousin really got my aunt when she stood up and revealed who she was.

This one is too funny. This is my sister, Ellen, a neighbor of my aunt's, Ally, and my cousin, Krista. They are wearing dresses that my Great Aunt Glenda made for my mom and her two sisters in the 70s. The girls could not believe outfits like these were worn in public. As a matter of fact, my cousin said to me that if she ever walked into school like this, she would get beat up!
After dinner and cake, everyone busted a move on the dance floor. There was all kind of music-from 70s to now.

The Hustle

Matt and Rachel showing their moves

Jeanine's Birthday

My step-mom, Jeanine, turned 54 on September 5th, so we celebrated with my dad's side of the family.
Notice James and Izabella, they are singing "Happy Birthday" to Jeanine. Then they blew out the candles.

Karli waiting to get her piece of cake

Everyone hanging around

"What's in this box?"


My cousin Adam just had too much fun!

The next day I babysat for my Aunt and Uncle. My aunt had to work at a picnic and my uncle wanted to ride his motorcycle because it was such a good day. Since my aunt was working at Avery Park, I took Karli for a visit and we also had to play on the playground equipment.

Karli really loved this turtle. This was the only thing she would play on, besides the slide.