Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Pictures

I was looking through some pictures the other day and thought I would share them with you.

This is me and my sisters at my college graduation in April of 2005.

While in Mexico, Matt and I went on an ATV jungle tour. We had so much fun!

Just us hanging out at the beach!!

This is a picture of all of us grand girls. There Becky, Abigail, Ellen, Rachel, Karli, Me and Grace.

Emma LuAnn Carpenter and Brooklyn Kay Kaimann

About a month ago, I went with my Mom and Step-dad to Illinois. While we were there we went and visited my step-sister, Stephanie, and her daughter, Emma.

This is Emma's silly face. I had so much fun playing with her for the little while we were there.

Here are some pictures of Brooklyn. She is Ben and Brandi Kaimann's daughter. Matt and Ben grew up together and Brandi and I have become really good friends. I met Brooklyn and Brandi for dinner one night while we were staying in Troy. She has gotten so big since the last time I saw her.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bathroom Remodel

Well as most of you know, Matt and I remodeled our bathroom. We had been planning on doing it, but to my suprise I came home from working at the bank and I found Matt with a hammer, tearing out the tile and the drywall. Well, one week later we had a new bathroom. It was a rough week, but the outcome was awesome.

Here is Matt tearing out some drywall.

My Dad came up and helped too. He mostly helped with the plumbing part of all of it.

Here is our new bathtub/shower. Matt and my Dad also hung new drywall.

Here is the new floor; well partially done. Matt has become the jack of all trades with this project. He was a plumber, an electrician, a drywaller, a floor layer, and a trimmer. Most of this stuff he knew how to do, but he really hasn't done any construction for over a year.

Here is the finished project. I did an International tractor theme. I thought it was really cute!! I am just glad we got it done. Hopefully we will be putting it on the market soon!!

Cousin-ly Love

Well over the last few weeks, when it hasn't been raining, I have tried to spend some time with my littlest cousins. My cousin James is 5 and his sister Grace is 4. The youngest one is Miss Karli. She is 13 months old. They are so much fun.

James and Grace were trying to help Karli jump on the trampoline. Karli got scared, so I just decided to snap a photo of the three of them.

Karli just started walking a few weeks ago. I was very suprised when I went to my aunt and uncle's house that she was in the front yard running around.

I would have to say that the cutest part was when Karli was trying to walk back to the house and she just wasn't keeping up. Gracie walked back to her and took her hand and said "I will help you, Karli." It was so sweet. Grace held her hand all the way to the house.
Just chillin' out on the swings. Karli loved it!! She just giggled and giggled. I just love it when babies get the belly giggles.

James was driving around the driveway in his car. In this shot he was doing "doughnuts" as he called them. He was making the screeching noices for his tires and everything!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Hello there!! We just wanted to wish all you mothers a Happy Mother's Day! Hope you got to enjoy your special day!!