Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mamma and Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary

The funny thing about this year is that both sets of my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries.

The happy couple!!

Matt talking to my little sister and her boyfriend, Jake.

Even for a party, Matt can't stop working.

The Krieg farm has been in the same family for over 100 years!! My mom sent in an application and the Krieg Family Farm is now a Missouri Century Farm.

The night before the party, the whole family met at Dos Primos in Troy for dinner. My step-cousin brought her new baby and she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Here is a picture of Ellen and the new and pround Aunt Krista holding her.

Here is a close up shot. Let me introduce you to Kaylee Noelle.

Labor Day 2007

For Labor Day weekend we went to Mark Twain Lake with the Mennemeyer Family. We had a really great time.

Here is Uncle Doug and Aunt Michelle pulling up to tie to our boat. All of us anchor and tie our boats together and have a good time swimming and partying.

Here is Aunt Ginny sitting on her boat talking to Pat Flynn.

My Uncle Andy and Aunt Adrienne had a new baby in March, so here she is 5 months later in her cute little bikini.

Here she is enjoying her first bite of watermelon. She loved it!! She kept sucking on it, but I really think she just enjoyed that it was something cold to numb her gums.

Here is Roger in the tube with Adam and Grace. He had been messing with them all afternoon by flipping the tube.

Here is Adam and Grace. They are getting ready to jump in the water. She is as fearless as they come. She is 3 and loves to live on the wild side.

Emma's Visit

My step-sister, Stephanie, and her husband, Shawn, came up from Southern Illinois with their daughter, Emma. These are just a few pictures from the weekend.

Emma loved the leather chair my mom has in their living room.

My step-dad went and bought Emma a bumper car that looked like a ladybug. She would sit in it, but got scared if she touched the handles and the car moved.

Since it was also the weekend of my birthday, my mom had birthday cake and Emma wanted a bite. So instead of making sure she didn't make a mess, we just stripped her to her diaper and let her dig in.