Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Joys of Being a Homeowner

These last few weeks have been really busy for the both of us. Between Matt traveling out of town and it being harvest season, it seems like it is really hard for us to catch up with anyone. Matt left on the September 30 to go to Springfield, MO for a farm show, and the same day he left we had people coming over to work on our septic system. They were there all week and thankfully we just received a letter from the county telling us it has passed inspection and we are no longer in violation. (There is a story behind this-someone turned us into the county, so we only had 30 days to get our violation fixed. Needless to say we didn't mess around and got it done.)

This is what I came home to on that Tuesday - a HUGE hole in our yard!! Matt felt bad that he wasn't home for this, but there was nothing he could have done anyway.

This is the hole that had to be dug for our new septic tank. The guy installing our tank said it was one of the deepest holes he had to dig.

The lovely lagoon. We did have two options - a lagoon or a leechfield. We chose the lagoon because of the way our property lies.