Monday, May 26, 2008

What a busy Saturday!!!

Well I guess you could say that we had a pretty busy Saturday. My godfather got married and so did Matt's cousin Jacob. I attended Steve's wedding and we went to Jacob's reception.

Here is one of the newlyweds, Steve and Arlene Damron. They had their wedding and reception at the KC Hall in Troy. They had the hall decorated into a beach looked great!!

Here are my cousins and their significant others - Michael and his girlfriend Shelley, Billy and his wife Jessie, and Greg and his girlfriend Andreanna (sorry if I didn't spell it right).

Here is the whole wedding party. On one side is Arlene's kids and on the other is Steve's.

This is the newest addition to Billy and Jessie's family, little baby Riah. She is just so cute and in this picture she is only 5 days old.

The next wedding we went to was Jacob and Stephanie Schneider. They had their reception at the Holy Rosary Activity Center. I loved all the lights!

Here is the happy couple - Mr & Mrs Schneider

Here is Miss Allison. She was a really pretty flowergirl, although she looks really mad in this picture
Here is Jeremy and Mindy's little girl, Tinley. Mindy is due in about a month with their second child, also a girl.

Here is Diane with her neice Madison.