Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Fun!!

Tonight we were at my grandpa and grandma's house for a grandkid picture. My cousin Billy is in from New Mexico, so we thought this was a perfect opportunity. We also got to play with his two kids, Arianna and Riah.

Karli loved the baby. While I was feeding Riah, she kept pulling on the bottle.
Abigail, Ellen and Becky
Look at this great bunch!!!!
Arianna and Riah
Happy Karli

James and Greg
Grace and Greg
Karli, Rachel and my Aunt Adrienne

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day - 2008

For Father's Day this year, my two sisters and I went fishing with our dad. We really had a lot of fun. After the fishing, we went to my grandpa and grandma Mennemeyer's house and had a really good dinner and visit. It really turned out to be a beautiful day.

Here is Rachel and Ellen putting worms on their hooks. It was funny because Rachel didn't really want to touch the worm, but that was the deal-we had to bait our own hooks and take our own fish off.
Rachel posing with her first fish. She literally cast out her line and within a few minutes had a fish!!
Ellen is posing here with one of my fish. I know it is really little, but it seemed with every fish I caught, they were smaller and smaller. After this one, I quit.

Even though little Miss Grace broke her arm a few weeks ago, she is not letting anything stop her. She is still as active as ever.
This one is really funny because my little cousin Karli was walking around most of the afternoon chewing on a rib. Hey, she thought it was good!