Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eggering Baby Shower

On November 1, Matt's family threw my my first baby shower. It was such a nice day!

The Cake

The decorations - Anna took onesies and taped "Welcome Baby" on them.

This was the best picture I had of my pregnant belly. I know you can't really see anything, but I will try and get one posted soon.

Our cute niece - Nina

Our other nieces - Lauren and Chloe

Boys and Their Toys

A couple of weeks ago, Matt was out at my Grandma and Grandpa's farm helping harvest beans. It was a really windy day. I had gone with my sisters and mom to Louisiana's Colorfest and we stopped by the farm on our way home. I ended staying with Matt and riding a few rounds with him in the combine.
Here is Matt combining beans. I only rode a short time with him because it is definitely not a two-seater combine.

While Matt was combining, my Grandpa was "playing" on his skid loader.

I had to get a picture of the flag blowing in the wind. It was really windy!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately. (I know I really have no excuse) We have been trying to get the back bedroom fixed up for the baby-only 12 more weeks!!! We are also going to have a real estate agent come next week to get the house listed.

Also, I know I have had requests for pictures of my pregnant belly but the truth is I don't have any. My sister-in-law Robbyn, did take a few pictures at my baby shower that I had this last weekend, so stay tuned to her blog for those pics. I will make sure and get some pictures at my next shower, which is in a few weeks.

I plan on posting all the pictures I have failed to post the last few weeks, so stay tuned!!