Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Dad turned 50!!!!

On December 28th my dad turned 50 years old!! I guess that makes him an old fart-just kidding!! :-) Anyway, my step-mom, sisters, and I threw him a surprise birthday party. Matt had the task of keeping him away from the house all day, something he said was not too easy.

Well, Karli found the chocolate here too. She wedged herself between the wall and the table that the chocolate was on so no one could get to her.

As you can tell, my dad had a lot of help unwrapping all his presents. He also had a lot of help blowing out his candles.

Here my dad was really excited he got a new cooler. Apparently they don't make this cooler anymore and the one he had broke. His best friend John found them on the internet and ordered him one.

Karli loved Matt toward the end of the night. She all but fell asleep on his lap.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We hope Christmas was enjoyable for every one. It was a very busy one for us. It all started Christmas Eve and our last Christmas was on that Saturday. On Christmas Eve, we went to church and then to my Pop & GG's house. We had a wonderful dinner and then we had a great surprise...Santa showed up! The kids were so excited to see him.

Matt and I were both good enough to get to sit on Santa's lap.

My little cousin, Grace

Notice the brown in her mouth. Karli was eating chocolate like it was real food. We couldn't get her to eat anything else, so we hid the chocolates and somehow she found them. Needless to say when we left at midnight, she was still up and going strong.

The next stop we had was Christmas at my Mom's house on Christmas Day. My Mamma and Papa came over for lunch and presents.

My step-dad Keith, Mamma, Rachel and Ellen's boyfriend, Jake.

Papa showing off his Allis Chalmers towels.

Our next stop was the Eggering's on Christmas night. We had so much fun playing with the neices and nephews.

This is Chloe (laying down), Lauren, and Maci Sue waiting patiently around the tree to open presents.

On Friday, I was off work, so I was able to travel with Matt to Bloomfield, IA. It was really neat to go to places in MO that I have never even heard of. After we got back, we had Christmas at my Dad's house with my step-siblings.

Matt and I. This is like the only picture of my belly that anyone got.

My step-sister, step-mom, neice and my step-brother's girlfriend's son (did anyone understand that because it is very confusing.)

My two sisters and my little sis' boyfriend, Jake. He is such a ham.
The Saturday after Christmas my step-sisters from Southern Illinois came up for their Christmas.

My neice Emma showing her attitude when I asked her to smile while standing by the tree.