Monday, February 16, 2009

Emma's Beauty Pagent

Yesterday my niece, Emma, was in a Little Miss beauty pagent in Carbondale, IL. Mackenzie and I made the trip with my mom and little sister to see her compete. She was so adorable in her gown, but as I got to looking around, there are a lot of psycho-moms out there!! Some of the outfits were unreal!! Little Miss Emma received 4th runner up and will be able to compete at the state level. We will not be able to make that competition, so good luck Princess Emma!!

Mackenzie slept through most of the competition. She got a little fussy towards the end, but what do you expect out of a 5 week old.

Emma (in the middle) on stage with some of her competition.

Mackenzie's First Valentine's Day

Mackenzie had her first Valentine's Day and it was a very eventful one. When we woke up, my step-dad had a card for her on the table-one of those really big ones. The card was twice her size!! I will try to get a picture of that and post it. She spent the day with my mom because Matt and I were house hunting.

In our Valentine's pjs.

The cute outfit my mom got her.

My mom also got her this bib.