Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farming and Animals

Mackenzie just loves to be outside. When the weather is not raining or sooooo hot, we are outside walking and playing. A couple of weeks ago, I took Mackenzie to my dad's and he was planting beans. Since it was nice out, I wanted to take some pictures of Mackenzie on the tractor. The noice did not even bother her. Matt was glad to hear that.

"I'm ready to drive for you grandpa"...I think we have a future bailer and raker.
My sister, Rachel, has a dog named Binelli. He is really a good dog and it is so funny when we go to her house. Binelli has to get on the floor and play with Mackenzie. He lets Mackenzie bat at him and he has never tried to bite her.

"Hey I can do that too!!"

Mackenzie had on a pair of rattle socks and every time she kicked it would make Binelli bark and try to get the toys. He got so tired of chasing her feet that he took his paw and held her leg down. We had a good laugh over that.

Fun with Cousins and Friends

Mackenzie doesn't really know a stranger, so when we get together with cousins or friends she will let anyone hold her and play with her.

With Abigail

With Karli

With Bella

With Brooklyn

With Chloe, Jada, Lauren, and Nina

Friday, June 19, 2009

Talking, Laughing, and Rolling...oh my!!

Mackenzie talking up a storm (although when she sees the camera she stops)

Laughing at Mamma

Rolling over