Friday, February 13, 2009

Bank Baby Shower

On Wednesday, Mackenzie and I ventured to my work for my baby shower. Since Mackenzie came early, they waited until we were getting out and about good. It was really a fun day. We went in and had the shower during everyone's lunch shift. Everyone that wanted to see her, did...even though she was a little crabby (sorry guys!! :-))

She finally passed out. Mackenzie decided that she needed to be awake the whole time, which caused her to be fussy.

Visit While at Mamma and Papa's

Last night, Mackenzie and I stayed at my mom's because Matt is out of town. He was only gone last night because next week he will be gone the whole week to Kansas City. Mackenzie and I are going to join him, so stay tuned for pictures.

While we were here, my sister and her boyfriend came over to see Mackenzie. Adam hasn't seen her since she was a newborn in the hospital.

Looking at Aunt Rachel. Whenever you face her to the front, she cocks her head back to see who is holding her. If you hold her like a baby, she gets mad.
Adam taking a crack at holding her. Here he looks a little uncomfortable, but he finally relaxed.

Random Pics

I know she looks like a mummy in this picture, but she LOVES to be swaddled. She even has a little smile on her face in this picture.

Whenever she is really relaxed, she puts her arms above her head.

Exhausted after eating. Matt thought it was really funny that she just passed out.