Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun

This last Sunday, Rachel and I drove to Mark Twain Lake to spend a day on the water with my Uncle Andy and Aunt Adrienne and kids. Even though it was raining in the morning, we were able to go out all afternoon. We had so much fun!!

Here is Abigail and Rachel. Abigail is the oldest of my Aunt and Uncle's 3 children.

Once again, a true Mennemeyer. Just hand her a can and she will drink it up.

Our boat Uncle Andy.

My Uncle and my cousin Christian.
This was Abigail after Christian pulled her in the water. She was so mad because she was already dry and had on her clothes. Needless to say when we dropped Andy off at the boat ramp, Adrienne, Rachel, and I threw Christian into the water. That really cheered her up a little bit.
When I got back from the lake, I went to Matt's mom and dad's for dinner. Matt's sister Amy and her husband Chris brought up their 2 boys, Jack and Samuel. Here is Samuel showing me how he can ride his bike.