Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mr and Mrs Patrick Schneider

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Matt's cousin Pat got married. He married Chelle Joines, who I have actually known since grade school.

Mr and Mrs Patrick Schneider...getting their toast from the best man.

My great niece Abagail cutting a rug on the dance floor. She really has some moves!!

Abagail's little sister Maci Sue. She was so cute. While eating dinner, she didn't really like anything but her mashed potatoes. We just kept giving more to her because she kept eating them. She also liked to dance...even though she wanted to be held while dancing. Needless to say, I really got a workout on Saturday night.
Here is Matt dancing with our niece, Nina. As long as you kept moving, she kept laughing.

I couldn't really pass up this photo-op. This is Matt's cousin Marty dancing with his niece Gracie.


Thanksgiving this year was not as busy for us as it normally is. We ate breakfast at my mom's house at 10 and lunch at Pop & GG's at 1. My mom and step-dad were leaving for the weekend, so that is why we did it so early.

When we got to Pop & GG's, we were greeted my some of my cousins. Karli, who is my youngest cousin, arrived later and is finally ok with letting other people hold her. I guess the really funny part of the day was when she was calling her pacifier her "smoke". My grandma babysits her twice a week and she spends time with my grandpa who smokes, so that is were she got that from. It is really cute to hear her say it though.

Poker is a big thing that is played on the holidays at the Mennemeyer's. While you have the die-hard poker players...

...the rest of us find another game to play. This year we played a game called "Sequence". It is a really fun card game, but it really makes you think.

Toward the end of the night, Karli was getting very restless. She really didn't have a nap, but she wasn't really that crabby. The only one she would let hold was my cousin James. We set her in his lap and she didn't move.

Krieg Family Baby Shower

My mom had my baby shower for me the Sunday of deer season. It was really a lot of fun because she had it at the bed and breakfast in Troy. It was actually the setting of our outdoor pictures from our wedding.

This quilt was given to me by my grandma and grandpa and it was actually made by my Great-Grandma Krieg.

Here is Miss Brooklyn Kaimann. She was really cute that day. She asked where the baby was (of course kids don't understand) and Brandi had to tell her that the baby had to grow up and that when the baby was grown they would come and see it. Brandi even said that she still talks about it. Matt and I think she is the most precious little girl ever!!
This was kind of is a diaper cake. My Aunt Debbie and her daughter-in-law Crystal made it. They just took regular diapers and rolled them up and put baby items all around the outside of it.
Here is Stephanie, Jamie, me, Ellen, and Rachel. Jamie actually drove almost 3 hours just for the shower! I couldn't believe it.

Deer Season/Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

While Matt was out with the boys hunting for the weekend, I spent the weekend with my mom. Ellen and I spent the evening together on Friday night and on Saturday my step-sister and her husband brought their little girl up. Shawn wanted to do some hunting and Stephanie was coming up for my baby shower on that Sunday. While they were in, we had a birthday party for Emma. Her actual birthday is December 2 and since we were not going to be making the trip to her birthday party in Illinois we threw one for her here.

Emma smiling at her cake. Yes those are dinosaurs on her cake...she LOVES them!

Smiling pretty for Aunt Marie (even though she kept calling me Ellen or Rachel)

My mom got her a trunk of dress-up Princess clothes for her birthday and I got her some Princess shoes. When she opened my present, she got so excited because she got "SHOES!"

Of course she had to change her outfits every 10 minutes. Her favorite one was the purple one. She loved it so much, she wore it for my shower on that Sunday.

Emma really loves her Aunt Ellen.