Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alex's 1st Communion

Well, we headed West for our nephew, Alex's, 1st Communion. We left on Saturday afternoon and came home on Sunday afternoon. Mike, Robbyn, Jeanne, and Sean rode with Matt and I. We had a blast in the vehicle!! When we first got there we ate at Texas Roadhouse and then we headed over to Matt's sister's house, Anna. After that we headed to our hotel. We then woke up really early to go to 7:30 mass for Alex's 1st Communion. Since their church is so big, all the 1st Communicants got to choose which mass they wanted to make their 1st Communion at. After church, and pictures, we went back to Anna and Steve's for brunch. It was such a nice weekend that we were all able to play outside with all the kids. It really was a fun time. Thanks Anna and Steve! See you in a couple of weeks.

Mike and Robbyn posing for a picture.

Anna, Steve, Alex, & Lauren

Miss Lauren and me

Lauren and her buddy, Sean

Miss Nina

Well Mike and Matt decided that they wanted to play like all the kids, so I had to get a video of it.